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Semikolon Products for Office and Home

Semikolon Products Semikolon CD/Photo Multimedia Box Semikolon Mini Box Semikolon Document Box Semikolon Magazine Box Semikolon Letter Tray Semikolon Magazine Box Semikolon Accordion File Folder Semikolon Desk Blotter Semikolon Document Box

Super Sturdy, Colorful Desk Organizers

Brighten your workspace with these well-made, matching organizers. From coordinating letter trays and desk blotters to matching storage boxes, you'll find everything you need to create an inviting, productive work area.

Semikolon Fabric Desk OrganizersSemikolon 3 Ring Binder with Front Cover LockSemikolon Document Box
Available in 5 colors. Matches Semikolon desk organizers and clipfolders.
Neatly store stationery, forms and projects
Semikolon CD/Photo Multimedia BoxSemikolon Letter TraySemikolon Magazine Box
Organize media, video games and photos
Colorful, stackable paper sorter
Neatly store magazines and catalogs
Semikolon Desk BlotterSemikolon File BoxSemikolon File Folders
Protect your desk with a splash of color
Great for projects, fits file folders
Matches Semikolon Document Box and File Box
Semikolon Clip Folder 3 Pocket ClipboardSemikolon Vertical File FoldersSemikolon Desktop Organizer
Stylish clipboard with accordion file
Tabbed at the vertical top for use in Magazine Boxes.
This nine-sectioned organizer fits in a Document Box.