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Need a high quality binder that looks great too? Our Advantage Classic 2-Ring Binders and One Touch Classic 3-Ring Binders both share the same European-inspired design, durable ring mechanisms, and sturdy yet professional-looking covers. Your business deserves a really great binder to organize projects, dress up presentations, and archive long-term files.

Our 2-Ring Binders feature a unique ring mechanism that enables the user to flip up papers from the top or bottom third without needing to open the rings or remove pages. You’ll need a special 2 hole punch, but these binders are much more efficient to use.

Our 3-Ring Binders offer the three-hole punched style you know and love, in a higher quality binder. If your existing files are 3 hole punched or you get sent documents from others, this binder will be best for you.

For files that need extra security or for a professional look, add a Binder Slip Case to fit either a 2-Ring or 3-Ring Binder. Just make sure to choose a slip case with the same spine width as your binder! Our slip cases are a favorite of lawyers, executives, and others desiring a uniform and organized appearance.

We guarantee our 2-Ring and 3-Ring mechanisms with a Lifetime Warranty and will will replace defective rings free of charge. Our classic binders are designed to be used again and again, saving you money and time in the long-term. Simply replace the spine label for new contents, archive the pages in an archiving system, and don’t hesitate to use the Lifetime Warranty if anything should happen to your binder rings.

Advantage Classic 2-Ring Binders

2 Ring Binder

One Touch Classic 3-Ring Binders

3 Ring Binder

Binder Slip Cases

Binder Slipcase

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