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Ask Bindertek: 2-Ring vs. 3-Ring Binders

Ask Bindertek: What’s the difference between 2 and 3-ring binders and why would I choose [...]

What Are RFID-Blocking Wallets?

ASK BINDERTEK: I’ve been hearing a lot about RFID-Blocking Wallets as a means to stop [...]

Friday Fix: The Get Stuff Done Binder

Creating a Get Stuff Done Binder (GSD) helps you manage your paperwork, to-do list, and ongoing projects in one neat, portable package.

3 Daily Steps to a Clean Desk

Ask Bindertek: My desk is often out of control. Any tips on keeping my workspace […]

3 Office Spring Cleaning Steps

Bindertek’s favorite spring cleaning tips

Be Prepared with an Emergency Binder

I saw an emergency binder on Pinterest and am looking to make one for my family. What would you recommend?

I Hate My Office’s Fluorescent Lights!

What should I do about the horrible lighting in my office?

How To Fix Binder Rings

Did you know you can get broken binder rings fixed?

How to Manage Household Finances

Ask Bindertek: How can I organize my household finances? Everything piles up until it’s a […]

Personal Organization & Productivity for Lawyers

Our friends at Lawyerist are lawyers, and they developed a system designed specifically for your firm so you can reclaim your time and focus on big-picture items.

How to Reduce Cord Clutter at Work

Organizing your cords makes a big impact on your overall neatness, and cable management is generally a one-and-done type of task which only needs to be revisited when adding new equipment to your space.

The Best Item to Bring to a Job Interview

In your excitement for the potential new position and your dedication of prepping for tough questions, you might forget to bring one of these crucial items to your interview.

How to Implement a Year-Round Tax System

To avoid the tax time-crunch, invest a few hours in setting up an organization system that will keep your tax paperwork on track year-round.

How to Focus When Working in an Open Office

Ask Bindertek: My workplace is switching to open offices and I’ve heard horror stories about […]

How To Stay On Task When Working From Home

Set these seven boundaries when you work from home to stay focused.

Should I Personalize My Office?

I want to personalize my new desk but am not sure what’s appropriate for my new job.

How to Make a Genealogy Binder

Ask Bindertek: My grandmother recently passed away and I inherited family photo albums and documents […]

How To Form A Habit

You need to make your goal task a habit so ingrained in your weekly routine that you do it without thinking.

How to Decide To Trash or File Your Paper Documents

I need help figuring out what paperwork I’m supposed to keep and how to set up a filing system that works.

How Can I Beat My Post-Holiday Blues?

Every year without fail I have ‘a case of the Mondays’ when I return to work at the beginning of January.

New Year Office Organization

Don’t rely on the promise of New Year’s Resolutions—here’s how to get (and stay) organized year-round.

Holiday Bullet Journal Planning

Part journal, part planner and part sketchbook, the Bullet Journal is a nearly blank notebook but with three key features.

The Perfect Ingredients: How to Make a Recipe Binder

While everything can now be stored digitally, we’re suckers for an old-fashioned cookbook or paper recipe card.

How to Choose Your Office Organization

Choose the office organization that works for your space, needs, and style.

Organizational Investments for Your New Business

Choose the organizational tools that are right for your new business, so you can focus on what matters—a successful launch and your future growth strategy.