Bellagio Italia Corporate Kit

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This Bellagio Italia 3-ring binder corporate kit includes everything you need to organize and store a company's management records and other important documents. The stock certificates are easy to personalize using free Bindertek Custom Templates for Microsoft® Word or downloadable Bindertek Corporate Certificate Template PDF. Our Bellagio Italia 3 Ring Binder features an elegant faux leather finish, curved and ribbed spine, metal label holder, and stitched covers and is paired with a Binder Slip Case to protect important Corporate records. Pre-printed Corporate Index Tabs keep incorporation papers and minutes in order.

Kit Components:

  • Bellagio Italia Binder, decorative metal spine pocket, reliable 3 D-Ring Mechanism
  • 20 Corporate Stock Certificates, designed to work with Bindertek Custom Templates
  • Stock Transfer Ledger
  • 50 sheets of pre-punched Minute Paper
  • Pre-printed Corporate Tabs, premium Mylar® reinforced 7-tab set of index tab dividers.
  • One Slim 2 inch Binder Slip Case
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