Bindertek Custom Template for Exhibit Tags

Bindertek Free Custom Templates for Microsoft Word®

With Bindertek Custom Templates, it's easy to create and print your own binder spine labels, stock certificates, stock ledgers, index table of contents and exhibit tags. Designed for use with Bindertek products, these free Microsoft Word® templates are easy to use.

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Bindertek Custom TemplatesCHOOSE Binder Spine Label and Magazine BoxFile Label Templates

Bindertek Custom TemplatesDOWNLOAD Exhibit Tags Template

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Bindertek Custom TemplatesCHOOSE Stock Certificates and Ledger Templates

Tips for Best Results

Remember to save the file to your computer. Some of the Microsoft Word Bindertek templates contain macros. Please enable macros for best results. To see the text boxes in the document, select "Table Layout" and "Show Gridlines." The templates are compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 and above for Windows and Mac. Your operating system and browser settings can affect performance.

Need Help?

Below is a guide for downloading and unzipping the folder. Your instructions and prompts may differ depending on your computer and browser settings. We recommend selecting the “Save” button to save the file to your computer.


We recommend saving the file to your desktop for easy retrieval.

Click the “Open” button to extract and open the file.

Click “Extract all files” to unzip the template and instructions.

In the “Extraction Wizard” dialogue box, click “Next”

Select a Destination and click “Next”

Click “Finish”

Once you have unzipped the file, read the Instructions document and open your template. Remember to enable macros and save your work.

Need more help? Please call us at 800 456-3453 or email us at

Looking for Bindertek Custom Templates Software 3.1 for Windows XP and older and Microsoft Word 1997-2003? You can find the software here.

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