eyestyle ® Desk Set

eyestyle 	® Desk Set
Refresh your desk with the sleek new eyestyle® line from Sigel of Germany. Glossy white or dark grey acrylic, with sharp black accents, and contemporary design combine for an eye-catching array of desk accessories. The pencil cup, stapler, desk pad, letter tray and more all coordinate for a line of attractive yet functional desk accessories.

Paper Clip DispenserPencil CupStapler
A contemporary clip caddy, futuristic in both function and form.
Keep your pens close and your pencils closer.
Adhere pages together in sleek style.
Desk PadLetter TrayNote Box
Bring your appreciation for modern design straight to your desktop.
Now serving the organizational solution for keeping your files in order.
Grab a post-it memo note from this modern holder and never forget that last minute reminder.
Mouse PadPage Marker Dispenser
Click and scroll in comfort and subtle style.
Flag important pages freely in understated style.