Improve Your Workflow

Improve Your Workflow
Master your document intake process and keep a fluid to-do list to improve your workflow. By designing a desktop paper-flow system, you’ll be more productive, better organized, and able to focus on work rather than searching through a messy desk. Use a letter tray for paper intake and processing before long-term storage in a filing cabinet, and embrace the to-do list instead of taking up valuable memory space trying to remember your daily tasks.

Semikolon Letter TrayFile CabinetsCONCEPTUM® Notebooks by Sigel of Germany
Organize Paper, Pending Payments and More with Colorful Stacking Paper Trays.
These award-winning notebooks combine sophisticated design and a noticeable passion for detail.
Semikolon Sticky Tab MarkersSemikolon Ballpoint Pen in Tube
Easily Tag Important Information
The Everyday Pen—with a Twist