The Lawyerist Productivity Journal

The Lawyerist Productivity Journal
The Lawyerist Productivity Journal is a paper-based planner, productivity tool and note taking system designed to help lawyers achieve their goals, manage their time and keep track of important matters and projects. Designed by our partners at The Lawyerist, it incorporates their expertise from honing their productivity over the past decade and by thoroughly studying renowned organization systems including Inbox Zero, Getting Things Done and Most Important Tasks.

Lawyerist Productivity JournalLawyerist Productivity Journal Tab SetLawyerist Productivity Journal Yearly Pack
Pair this analog solution with your existing digital tools to craft a well-rounded work-flow.
Use these five tabs to manage your time and keep track of your matters, projects and notes.
Record your goals on the Quarterly Planning Pages and capture meetings and deadlines on the Weekly Calendar Pages.
Lawyerist Productivity Journal Quarterly PackLawyerist Productivity Journal Project Refill PaperLawyerist Productivity Journal Task Refill Paper
This Lawyerist Productivity Journal Quarterly Pack is the heart of your time management system.
Use these pages to stay on top of all your active client matters and business projects.
Organize all your tasks into lists so you can flip right to the tasks you can accomplish with the resources at hand.
Lawyerist Productivity Journal Notes Refill PaperBoundless Hole Punch
Use these as an alternative to your legal pads, and scan the pages to your files periodically.