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Checklists for Trial Law

Checklists are indispensable to know what needs be completed. They keep files on track. And I find them incredibly useful for any matter involving the court or some looming deadline.

Tabs Are Nerdy, But Useful

Whether you use a ring binder or a folder system, tabs can help organize data and keep it organized as you add to it.

Your Documents’ Looks Can Be As Important As Content

As a lawyer, I want my client’s documents to not just be organized, but be contained in a particular way.

Friday Fix: The Get Stuff Done Binder

Creating a Get Stuff Done Binder (GSD) helps you manage your paperwork, to-do list, and ongoing projects in one neat, portable package.

My Stapler, aka Good Equipment Helps Your Productivity

Well-designed and well-made equipment that functions well can keep you focused on the important stuff: providing the value to your client.

Organizing Your Office is Important

Office organization matters. You say you know where everything is, but do you? Really?

ROYGBIV Organization

ROYGBIV organization in the office helps to easily locate items.

Organization for Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers distill loads of facts and rules into a narrative to convince a judge or jury.

“Paper” Lawyers are Organizers

An effective transactional lawyer should have an additional goal in mind, to convey the information to their client.

Paper Law v. Trial Law

While trial law is dealing with the aftermath of drama, paper law is minimizing and potentially preventing the drama in the first place.