Bindertek Post Binder, 3.5″ Spine



Product Description

Our heavy duty post binders are an economical and durable solution for storing catalogs, invoices and statements, price lists, directories, manuals, records, photos, and other high volume documents. Straight post-style rings protect internal contents more efficiently than a typical round ring 3-ring binder. Pages are evenly aligned and will not snag on rings or experience unnecessary wear and tear from bending or flipping sheets. This compact paper arrangement allows the user to store more pages and take up less shelf or desktop space. Make changes to your contents efficiently using the post-style ring mechanism that allows you to add, remove, or substitute paper in the front, back or between existing pages.



  • Binder is equipped with a slide-action binding feature on the side of the ring mechanism to pock posts in place, keeping contents neat and in order
  • Ring mechanism includes Transfer bar system for convenient changes to internal contents
  • Large capacity catalog post binder is ideal for storing news publications, furniture catalogs, pattern collections, and auto and machine handbooks
  • Fits on shelves and inmost file cabinets or safes to safeguard your confidential files
  • Equipped with spine label holder for easy, customizable identification


  • Fits standard, 3-hole punched 8.5″ x 11″ US size paper
  • Straight-post ring style
  • Sheet Capacity: 700 sheets
  • Binder measures 11.5″ W x 10.5″ H x 3.5″ D

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