Premium Litigation Tab Set Organizer



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Tab sets are 5-hole punched for use in 2 ring and 3 ring binders
Tab titles are printed on both sides for easy reference of contents
Crafted from heavy 90 lb. cardstock built to last
Tear-resistant Mylar® reinforced tabs and punched holes

Product Description

A Bindertek Exclusive!

Our Premium Litigation Tab Set Organizer was designed in conjunction with prominent trial attorneys to give you rigorous control of the facts and your litigation case files when facing the judge and jury.  This highly comprehensive best-selling letter size index tab set will help you have everything you need organized when you walk into the courtroom.

Features color-coded tabs, write on tabs and trial forms for fast access to case-file and trial materials including:

  • Trial Preparation
    • Pink tabs for deadlines, research, trial administration and pleadings
    • Green tabs for discovery, damages, and case management
  • Trial
    • Yellow tabs for motions in limine, pre-trial orders, and jury selection
    • Blue tabs for opening statement, trial motions, witness and exhibit lists, plaintiff’s and defense witnesses, closing argument, and jury instructions
    • White tabs for verdict and trial notes
  • 2 Write-on Tabs
    • Provided to add supplemental categories of information
  • 6 Trial Forms 
    • Deadlines / To Do
    • Witness Address and Phone List
    • Deposition Summary
    • Juror Profile
    • Jury Selection Chart
    • Exhibits List

Note: This product is also available as part of the 3-Ring Deluxe Litigation Notebook and the 2-Ring Deluxe Litigation Notebook.  

We recommend the Litigation Index Tab Set for simpler, straightforward litigation cases, or when assessing if a client case is worth taking on for your practice. 

Tab Headings:

Contact List/Deadlines/To Do Notes Depositions/Summaries Trial Briefs Judicial Rulings
Client Interview/Fee Agreement Misc. Discovery Voire Dire/Jury Selection Closing Argument
Correspondence Documents Produced Plaintiff Witnesses Jury Instructions
Case Chronology Timeline Damages Expert Reports Trial Notes
Research/Points of Law Case Management Witnesses/Trial Subpoena Judgment
Pleadings Settlement/Mediation Arbitration Exhibit List Appellate Issues
Medical Records/Authorizations Motions in Limine Trial Motions and Orders +2 blank write-on tabs
Admissions Stipulation Trial Briefs Memoranda of Law Defense Witnesses
Plaintiff Interrogatories and Answers To Pre-Trial Motions and Orders Opening Statement
Defendant Interrogatories and Answers To Trial Plan Order of Proof Cross and Direct Examination


  • 5 hole side punched fits letter size Bindertek 3-Ring Binders and 2-Ring Binders
  • Color coding to help groups tabs by category and information type
  • Extra strong Mylar® reinforced tabs and page holes won’t rip
  • Tabs are printed on both sides for easy reference
  • Made with durable 90 lb. card stock
  • Write or type your table of contents, or use Free Bindertek Custom Templates for Microsoft Word


  • Dimensions: 9″ x 11″
  • Includes a customizable table of contents page for easy reference
  • 1 tab set per pack

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