Sigel Page Markers for Hardcover & Softcover Notebooks



Product Description

Attach these Pagemarkers to any page in your CONCEPTUM® Notebook for ultimate organization of your significant notes and important business entries. All Pagemarkers can be removed cleanly from each page and can be written on. Keep your markers inside your CONCEPTUM® Notebooks using the self-adhesive backing equipped on each card. Re-position as often as needed.


  • Contains transparent backing film to stick on the inside of a CONCEPTUM® Notebook
  • Remove as often as required; markers peel off pages cleanly
  • Multi-Color pack includes 3 muted colors: grey, white, and black, and 2 accent colors: neon yellow and neon pink


  • Crafted from sturdy, durable film with solvent-free adhesive
  • 30 markers per pack
  • Strip Size: 20 x 26mm
  • Pack Size: 3″ W x 6.3″ H

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