Sigel Card and Magic Money Wallet with RFID Protection

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Wherever you go, your wallet goes with you, so why not add a little extra style with the Conceptum® card and magic money wallet with RFID protection. Designed with the same iconic “softwave” covering that you’ll find in our Conceptum notebooks, this “magic” wallet stands out and feels great to the touch. Put this wallet to work by placing your money inside of it and watch as it gets secured between the elastic bands, “as if by magic.” Featuring four compartments and an additional side compartment, it can hold business cards, bank card, ID’s and more.  It also features an integrated Cryptoalloy® RFID-blocking foil to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized data capture. 

About Sigel Conceptum® Wallets

Protects your cards. And your data. 

Whether you’re traversing the city streets of your urban jungle, enjoying a hot cup of Joe at your local shop, or jet-setting across the country, this wallet has you covered. 

Our Sigel lines of wallets are designed with the same style, standards, and feel as the award-winning line of Conceptum notebooks. Featuring the classic “softwave” design, the wallets sport a premium feel that is great to the touch. With a focus on what’s essential, they hold all your credit cards, business cards, IDs and more, and are backed by an integrated Cryptoalloy® RFID-blocking foil to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized data capture by any pesky rogue elements. Designed by Sigel of Germany. 

A touch of class. A measure of practicality. An essential wallet. Reimagined for the modern lifestyle. 


  • Classy black card and money wallet, also known as a “magic wallet” 
  • Smooth inner surface, softwave design covering on the outside
  • Ideal for the safe storage of cards in 4 compartments, with a clever mechanist for the safekeeping of cash
  • Integrated Crtptoalloy® RFID-blocking foil ensures maximum protection against unauthorized capture of personal data 


  • The product dimensions are 3.4” X 4” X .4” (W x H  x D)
  • Cover material: Elegant softwave surface
  • Cryptoalloy RFID/NFC-blocking foil 
  • Designed in Germany