Sigel Eyestyle Letter Tray

Was: $25.00
Now: $21.00

Stackable. Sleek. Simple. Keep your desktop tidy and free from loose papers with the eyestyle® Stackable Acrylic Letter Tray designed exclusively by Sigel of Germany. Set up trays to your specifications in vertical or cascading positions. The wide opening allows easy removal of documents when you are ready to work on those projects, and holds papers in all formats from A4 to C4.


  • Designed with classy rounded edges and wide front opening for easy removal of papers
  • Lightweight material thickness: 3mm
  • Fits papers in formats A4 to C4
  • Stackable in vertical and cascading formats


  • Inner Dimensions: 10.23" x 1.5" x 13" 
  • Outer Dimensions: 10.5" x 2" x 13.1"
  • Crafted from high quality ABS plastic
  • 1 letter tray per pack