Product Warranties

Bindertek Product Warranties

Bindertek takes pride in offering you the best products available, and we carry many products that are covered by manufacturer warranties. If you find any of these products to be defective, please contact us by phone 800-456-3453 or email

Moll Carousel Shelving: 

5-Year warranty covering workmanship and materials.

Carl Hole Punches: 

Certain items are covered under a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects. This does not cover punch heads or disks.  The following Carl Hole Punch models are covered:

P40, P40-3, P100, P150-3, P300, P300-3

Bindertek Leather Binder: 

10-Year warranty against manufacturing defects. The manufacturer will repair or replace the binder if the adhesive fails or the stitching breaks or unravels. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear such as customer-generated scratches or tears, natural occurring patina in leather or damage due to improper care.

Bisley F-Series, Multi-drawer, Pedestal, and Locker Cabinets:

5-Year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The manufacturer will repair or replace, at their sole discretion, any faulty part free of charge. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from neglect, misuse or accidents and applies when the product is used during normal office hours.

Sigel Magnetic Glass Boards: 

25-Year warranty on the glass surface of the board. The guarantee does not apply in cases of misuse, negligence, incorrect use or other uses of the product that do not follow the enclosed instructions for use.  The customer must also return the defective product or provide images requested at the retailer’s option. Sigel is at liberty to exchange the defective product for a new one, or to reimburse the sales price.

UP Ergonomic Stool: 

10-Year warranty covering workmanship and materials.