A Guide to Starting a Hobby

A Guide to Starting a Hobby

Posted by Bindertek on Feb 23rd 2023

At the end of a busy day, you may want to sit back in your comfiest chair and scroll through your phone for a few hours while your favorite show plays in the background — we get it, but sometimes, isn't it nice to DO something? Perhaps it’s time to switch up your routine a bit? Maybe try your hand at something new? Enter: hobbies. Hobbies are a great way to unwind while expanding your mind, learning a new skill, and having fun. Whether you're starting something new (a collection?) or returning to an old love (arts and crafts?), we’re here to help you take that leap! 

Study up! 

Common hobbies include collecting (cards, stamps, coins, or art), painting, birdwatching, tinkering, or cooking. For the more adventurous, maybe something eclectic, like 3D printing or cave spelunking, is the think-outside-the-box activity that piques your interest. To get started with your new hobby, immerse yourself in knowledge. Dive deep by reading articles online or grabbing a book by an expert in your area of interest. The more you learn, the more comfortable you’ll be and the easier it’ll be to begin. 

Prepare with the right supplies

A hobby like singing only requires your voice. But others have specific tools and instruments of the trade. To be a card collector, you’ll need a place to store all of your cards. While a box might work at first, you might want to consider getting sheet protectors and a nice binder to store them in. To start on a new piece of art, you'll need plenty of paints, pencils, pastels, brushes, a palette, tools for mixing and blending, and of course, paper or canvas to create on. Having the right supplies to start your new hobby can remove any barriers to the process. 

This music-loving aficionado felt at ease when they started using numbered index tabs to organize their music: “They are well put together, and they work [well]. Easy to read and handy to have for my music playbook.” - P.B. 

This mindful photographer (who turned a popular hobby into a career!) appreciated having high-quality sheet protectors to hold their prints: “These sheet protectors are used to show off photography for my business. They are clear and [protect images] from being touched - fingerprints, sticky hands, etc. No overhang outside my binder. Perfect for my needs.” -Anonymous 

Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes proficient. There’s no avoiding this simple truth: the best way to learn is to do. Schedule a little time each day or each week that you can devote to your new interest. And during that time, get going! Whether it's grabbing a pair of binoculars and heading outside for some birdwatching or gathering your supplies and sitting down to start organizing your collection, just go! Start! Don’t worry that you’re not an expert right away — with time and practice you’ll gain insights and experience to grow from humble novice to well-versed pro. 

Share with others

We’re social creatures by nature, so sharing our hobbies with friends and family makes sense! With a binder and slipcase, you can comfortably share your collection with your friends. Maybe they’re into collecting baseball cards as well? “I have dozens of three-ring binders protecting sleeves of collectible trading cards dating back to the 1970s. Over time, the weight of the cards can result in the binders leaning awkwardly on what is otherwise a beautiful display bookcase. The Bindertek slipcase is the perfect solution, providing both stability and a clean appearance. A handsome and functional addition to any binder collection and very reasonably priced compared to the limited offerings in the broader marketplace. P.S. Delivery is remarkably fast.” -A.B.

Maybe you’re the family archivist and genealogist who always keeps a detailed history of the goings on within your family. With a One-Touch Classic Binder or maybe even an Archival Binder, you’ll have what you need to share your findings with loved ones. “I have several older, flimsy photo albums that have fallen out of their bindings and look like random pages stuck on my shelf amid contemporary bindings in slipcases. Bindertek's three-ring [binders and] slipcases neatly accommodated the older messy pages, and with the 3-inch spine facing out, the pages have a home, and the shelves look orderly. Sturdy and neatly finished. Received order on time. Thanks!” -D.M. 

Whether you’re starting a hobby purely out of enjoyment or using the opportunity to learn something new, there is a lot to gain from a new pastime. What hobby would you love to start or return to?