Benefits of Faux Leather

Benefits of Faux Leather

Posted by Bindertek on Mar 21st 2023

Faux Leather. You've probably purchased some before without even knowing it. You can find briefcases, purses, notebooks, phone cases, sofas, chairs, clothing, and an endless list of other products made with versatile faux leather. It's low-maintenance, leathery, and best of all, affordable! Perhaps you know it by a different name; synthetic leather, PVC leather, PU leather, leatherette, imitation leather, vegan leather, or even pleather? Whichever name you prefer, faux leather is here to stay in a good way. 

We're here today to tell you the benefits of faux leather and why you should consider it for your next binder.


So what is faux leather anyways? Developed as a substitute for genuine leather, it has a natural-looking leather-like texture and plastic finish. As a synthetic material, faux leather is available in many textures, patterns, and colors. It's also an excellent alternative for vegan shoppers who don't want to purchase any animal products. Although it is an artificial rendition of genuine leather, it can look and feel incredibly realistic. 

Easy Maintenance 

Another one of faux leather's most significant benefits is its low-maintenance finish. All it takes is a non-abrasive cloth and some warm water to wipe clean the surface of your faux leather product. Since it's not porous (where genuine leather is porous), you don't need to worry about water seeping in and causing stains or damage. For tougher spills or marks, you can even use a small amount of soap. With proper care and upkeep faux leather products can last for years! Also, since the exterior finish doesn't retain moisture, there is less chance of cracking or shrinking when compared to genuine leather. 


One of everyone's favorite benefits of faux leather is the cost. It is significantly more affordable next to genuine leather. Due to the cost of materials and manufacturing, cost-conscious shoppers can breathe easy! Often, it's hard to tell the difference between faux leather and genuine leather, so why not go with the more reasonably priced option? 

You're probably thinking, "Faux leather sounds great, but what aren't you telling me?". Some people are happy to spend the extra money and go with genuine leather because it can be a more environmentally friendly option. Others may turn to genuine leather because of allergies. Either type of leather can be an excellent choice depending on your needs. 

Let's do a little recap: 

  • Affordable Easy to maintain/clean       
  • Synthetic
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile design
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Not hypoallergenic 

You may have also heard of "bonded leather" and might be wondering where it fits into all of this. Bonded leather is similar to faux leather in that it is also processed, but the key difference is that it includes small scraps of genuine leather.

At Bindertek, we have a variety of both genuine and faux leather binders that our customers love. Listen to what some customers have to say about our Faux-Leather Binders:

Clever Product

" Nicely engineered product, easy to use professional appearance. Very easy to add and rearrange pages. Bought two more after the first binder." - F.J. 

Very Nice

" I bought a few of these binders at first to try them out. Loved the way they looked and felt, so I bought a total of 31. That was over 4 years ago. I use them for my DVD/CD collection, so they get handled every day by adults and children. I have also dropped a few. I have them in a bookcase. These binders are still in excellent condition. And look amazing. Most people think they are a set of Encyclopedias. They are very surprised to know they're not. Comments are always the same (these are nice binders. You have had them [for] how long? Where did you get them?) I am very pleased with their looks and durability. I will definitely be buying some more." - D.B. 

The Extra Touch

" I love this Estate plan binder. There are dividers and a table of contents to keep the documents well-organized and easy to find, and the outer binder itself makes a nice presentation for the important items it holds." - J.E.