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Optimize Your Filing System

Optimize Your Filing System

Posted by Bindertek on Feb 21st 2022

A well-thought-out filing system can make the ongoing use of documents effortless. Why stress when you can make your day-to-day office life more efficient?

How to create an optimized filing system:

  • Start with the basics. How will you categorize your information? Whether you choose to organize chronologically, alphabetically, by subject matter, by importance, or with a combination of these options, you want to stay consistent. Hierarchy matters and can help you save time when you revisit your files. Our vast selection of Index Tabs can help you with this process.
  • Get rid of papers that you don't need. Keeping documents that aren't relevant will only mask crucial information that you may need later. Also, remember to shred sensitive information that no one else should see.
  • Make sure your current and future coworkers can easily make sense of and use your filing system. If you need to, create a table of contents or a guide. Consider using a Bindertek One-Touch Binder with a table of contents directly on the back of the front cover!
  • Find a good place to store your documents. Think about the space you have and pick a spot that is accessible for everyone who needs to work with the files. You may also want to consider a locking file cabinet or a rotating carousel.

“We are a law firm that reviews thousands of new intakes (cases) a year. I am using the carousel and 28 of the 3" colored binders to hold my intake reports. Each color has a different report. There are 10 different colors. [I] put the carousel in my intake department. I can spin the carousel around and pull the binder I need in a second. Great product. Well built, well designed. Very happy.” - JM

With an optimized filing system, you can work faster and with fewer headaches. Plus, all your hard work will pay off and transition well when you're ready to archive your files. Above all else, do what makes sense to you and be sure to communicate your system well to others.

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