Returning to the Office?

Returning to the Office?

Posted by Bindertek on Jun 11th 2021

Returning to the Office?

After potentially more than a year away from your office space, you may feel a bit of anxiety when you return. Anxiety can be brought on when your environment feels unpredictable. So let’s work on taking the unpredictability out of your return!

With a few minor adjustments, you can feel more grounded and prepared to be back in the office.

Spruce up your space.

Take a few moments to really clean your space. Remove any clutter that may have been left behind. Reorganize your desk drawers. Get rid of any old paperwork or loose-leaf documents you don’t need anymore. Grab a duster, maybe some disinfecting wipes, and cleanse your space. You’ll feel an instant weight lifted and you can begin to work in your tidied-up area.

Bring in a green office friend.

Office plants

Pick out a potted plant, or two, to place on your newly cleaned desk. Plants can filter the air around you and help to reduce any stress you may feel. The look, feel and smell of a plant will have a positive calming effect. So give it a try and bring the outdoors in!

Freshen up your office supplies.

Now that you have a wonderfully clean space with a bright and beautiful green plant, you’ll need to make sure you have all the office supplies you need to stay productive throughout the day. Select a crisp new notebook, some desk organizers, and maybe even a new binder to maintain your clutter-free desk.

Office Supplies

Take a break!

Spending too much extended time at your computer screen can have a strain on your eyes and your back. Take small occasional breaks when you can or even take a moment to step outside for some fresh air. Those small breaks can actually increase your productivity throughout the day. You may even consider taking a meeting outside or going for a walk with a coworker to discuss work-related topics.

By taking control of your surroundings, you’ll know what to expect and can put your worries at ease.