LLC Kit with Seal, 2-Ring Binder

LLC Kit with Seal, 2-Ring Binder

LLC Kits come blank and ready for customization or pre-filled by Bindertek for immediate use.

Our well-reviewed and trusted Limited Liability Company Kit with Seal includes everything you need to create an LLC records book in minutes. Create kits as you go by purchasing blank kits ahead of time, so you can add client details when needed. Utilize our easy fill-in templates for customization (click on Templates & Instructions above). Or, take advantage of our new printing service and have Bindertek do the work for you! We will customize your spine label and fill in your certificates so you can utilize your LLC Kit immediately.

No matter how you decide to set up your kit you’ll receive our classic 2-Ring binder, available in a variety of colors, paired with a protective binder slipcase to safeguard important company records. The custom pocket seal embosser is easy to use and makes clear, crisp impressions. The seal is personalized with your company name, state of formation and year of formation, and comes in a faux leather pouch. Pre-printed premium Mylar-reinforced LLC Index Tabs keep limited liability company papers and minutes in order.

Tab Headings:

Row 1: Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Membership Certificates, Minutes & Consents
Row 2: Membership Ledger, Government Filings, Financial Records, Miscellaneous

Please Note: 

  • For the Custom Seal Embosser, the combined character limit for name and state is 40 for CAPS and 56 for Title Case (spaces and punctuation count as characters).
  • The Custom Seal Embosser is built to order and follows our Special Order Item Return Policy.

Kit includes:

  • Custom Seal Embosser, 1 ⅝” diameter
  • Bindertek Binder, 2” Spine
  • Binder Slipcase
  • LLC Index Tab Dividers
  • 20 LLC Certificates
  • Blank Transfer Ledger
  • 50 Sheets of Minute Paper
  • 1 Sheet of Blank Spine Labels (*or 1 Pre-Printed Spine Label if printing option is chosen)


  • Spine Width: 2"
  • 1.25" Rings
  • Binder Dimensions: 11.8″ H x 11.5″ W x 2.3″ D
  • Fits U.S. Letter-Size, 8.5" x 11" Paper
  • Sheet capacity: 300 sheets
  • U.S. Ring Spacing: 2.75" (7cm)
  • Slipcase Dimensions: 12" H x 2.5" W x 11.5" D
  • 1 Slipcase per pack