Litigation Case File Index Tabs



Tab sets are 5-hole punched for use in 2 ring and 3 ring binders
Tab titles are printed on both sides for easy reference of contents
Crafted from heavy 90 lb. cardstock built to last
Tear-resistant Mylar® reinforced tabs and punched holes

Product Description

Our multicolor Litigation Tabs act as a main directory to your litigation case files. Use this index tab set to standardize all your law practice files, so pertinent documents are always in the right spot.

Tab Headings:

Deadlines/To Do


Medical Bills

Client Intervw./Fee Agrm’t./Authoriz.




Interrogatories & Answers





Notes & Memos

Document Production


Legal Research

Medical/Hospital Records




  • 5 hole side punched fits letter size Bindertek 3 Ring Binders and 2 Ring Binders
  • Extra strong Mylar® reinforced tabs and page holes won’t rip
  • Tabs are printed on both sides for easy reference
  • Made with durable 90 lb. card stock
  • Write or type your table of contents, or use Free Bindertek Custom Templates for Microsoft Word


  • Dimensions: 9″ x 11″
  • Includes a customizable table of contents page for easy reference
  • 1 tab set per pack

4 reviews

Helpful for Organizing Litigation Files

Posted by Verified Buyer on February 3, 2016

Good to use in conjunction with Civil litigation files. Tabs work well with Bindertek’s binders. The tabs scale well across multiple binders as a case become voluminous. The tab sets are intuitive and help staff place “stuff” in the right place in the binder for the attorney to quickly retrieve.


Posted by Verified Buyer on December 18, 2015

These tabs cover every section you need. I like the color coding, efficiency at its best.

Letter-Size litigation Case File Tabs

Posted by Verified Buyer on September 6, 2012

I could not make it through the day without these tabs in our legal office. No problem when filing something having to do with costs, pleadings, correspondence, legal research – it all has it’s place, and makes for fantastic organization, with everything easily found.

These tabs are the best in the business

Posted by Verified Buyer on March 6, 2012

These tabs are the very best in the business. Fantastic for law offices. Incredibly easy to use and use over and over again. Keeps everything in its place and organized. In a law office, that is incredibly important. I can’t get enough of them!!