3 Reasons Sheet Protectors Are a Must for Any Office

3 Reasons Sheet Protectors Are a Must for Any Office

Posted by Bindertek on Aug 4th 2017

Maybe you use binders but haven’t yet discovered the value of binder accessories. It’s time to take another for look the possibilities they can offer. These tools of the trade help you step up your organizational game. Sheet protectors, for example, can help you take better advantage of the benefits of your binder. If you’re wondering how, here are three reasons you should add sheet protectors to your supply list today.

1. Protect what’s inside

Whether you have high-use documents you don’t want to risk tearing or smudging, or important documents you don’t want to hole-punch, your answer is sheet protectors. Safely inside, they’ll escape handling yet afford easy accessibility for every member of the team. Save paper by avoiding copying high-use documents, and protect what you can’t replace. Whether your paper is letter, legal, or ledger, Bindertek offers sheet protectors that will fit your files.

2. Plan for the long term

Preserve important documents against fading and decay with archival quality, acid-free sheet protectors. Non-stick sheet protectors prevent ink transfer and sticking, even after extended storage. Don’t lose one-of-a-kind pages to the ravages of time!

3. Save supporting documents

Your binders aren’t limited to storing only documents anymore. Include relevant newspaper clippings, notes, articles, photos, correspondence, and more in sheet protectors and binder envelopes. High capacity sheet protectors and binder envelopes are ideal for storing multiple pages together, without needing to depend on tape or staples. Create a comprehensive binder and refer quickly to supportive materials as you prepare your case, project, or proposal.

Sheet protectors save money by reducing copy load. They also protect documents and let you to save relevant materials with the documents you want to support. Binder accessories help you to do better work, supported by a well-planned and well-organized binder.