Active Filing with Binders

Posted by Bindertek on Nov 9th 2015

Paper in the Paper-Free Office

While much of the workday takes place digitally, the most valuable information is often in paper format. Before hitting the print button, we assess the need to have the information in our hands versus on our computer screens. If it’s important enough to print, it’s important enough to hold on to – and important enough to safely keep in a binder.

What Is Active Filing?

Many offices use active filing to manage projects and accounts. “Active” files are the documents, notes, figures and reference items you actively page through during the day. An active file is not hidden in a file drawer. An active file is best organized in a binder. Active also means the files must be ready to go with you from your desk to the conference room, boardroom, courtroom, coffee shop or frequent flyer lounge.

Binders offer the best solution for active filing. A simple binder index system can help you prioritize and manage your workload and deadlines. A binder offers tangible project management, keeping your most important information at your fingertips. An active file binder gives you instant access to critical details, even when your WIFI connection drops or your laptop battery drains.

Best Binders For Active Filing

Active filing requires a binder that is ready for action. Bindertek Binders are guaranteed to withstand daily wear and tear. Built with a lifetime ring mechanism warranty, Bindertek Binders can be used again and again. When you are ready to close a file, you can re-use your Bindertek Binder for the next project. The large spine pocket makes it easy to re-label your binders using Bindertek’s free custom templates and replacement spine labels.

Active Filing for Lawyers

Active filing works well for lawyers too. Many successful attorneys prepare for trial using a combination of legal software and a trial notebook binder. The trial notebook works like an active file binder, keeping all the facts, figures and arguments in easy reach. 

We’ve gotten feedback from several lawyers who use Bindertek leather binders paired with Bindertek legal index tab dividers in court. In a review of Bindertek Civil Trial Index Tabs, Art from South Carolina says the civil trial tabs are a “great start for organizing a trial brief. Forces you to organize your materials which leads to organized thoughts.” Source:

Active filing also means organizing the project in your mind as you physically put the information in order within a binder. And unlike a file folder where papers tend to get misplaced, a binder keeps your project organization intact. Active binder filing keeps you engaged and in touch (quite literally) with your project, client or law case.