Corporate Kits: Do I Need One?

Posted by Bindertek on Nov 19th 2019

Meeting all your incorporation deadlines can be a stressful and daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be when you can purchase Bindertek Corporate Kits ahead of time and not have to worry about whether it will arrive on time or not! Our well-reviewed and trusted corporate kits come complete with blank documents and easy fill-in templates for customization. This allows you to purchase our kits ahead of time (or in bulk) and add client details when needed. Bindertek’s Corporate Kits provide the utmost flexibility and ease of use!

When helping a client start a corporation, a Bindertek corporate kit helps make sure all legal requirements are met for the state in which a client is registering in. A corporate kit is not required but is highly suggested for every company since it offers legal protection through the process of incorporation.

Keeping an orderly organization of a client’s company’s key documents in one place from the beginning can help alleviate any possible stresses later, especially if accountants or other professionals need access to their corporate documents.

What is a Corporate Kit?

A corporate kit, sometimes referred to as a corporate records book, usually consists of a binder and important documents for a corporation, including meeting minutes and a corporate seal. These kits are a convenient way to gather and maintain a company’s management records.

Bindertek’s Corporate Kits also include stock certificates, pre-printed index tab dividers, a stock transfer ledger, and a slipcase to protect your binder. It is our priority to make the process of incorporating as simple as can be by providing you with all the required documentation. With our complete kits, you will be creating professional corporate records in minutes to the requirements of the entity and client!

Let Bindertek make your life easier — our elegant, customized kits can assist you with keeping corporate bylaws, operating agreements, stock certificates, and records organized properly from the start.

What is in a Bindertek Corporate Kit?

  • Binder and Slipcase – Know that a client’s documents are protected with our highly rated, lifetime ring guarantee binders and our slipcases, which serve as a secure place to organize a company’s important documents. Choose from several different binder choices, 2-ring or 3-ring binder styles, and a variety of colors to meet your client’s needs.
  • Legal Index Tab Dividers – Keep all documents neatly organized with our pre-printed, premium Mylar®-reinforced index tab dividers.
  • Stock Certificates – A stock certificate represents a shareholder’s ownership interest in a corporation. All of our kits include 20 Corporate Stock Certificates, designed to work with our free Bindertek Custom Templates. This allows you to print the entity name, owner of shares, and the number of shares directly onto the certificate at your leisure. Clients will appreciate the personalization and how your office paid attention to the details.
  • Recordkeeping – All corporations are required to have a place to keep minutes where all the notes from official company meetings are kept. Our kits include 50 sheets of pre-punched minute paper.
  • Custom Corporate Seal Embosser – This important tool is used to emboss all significant documents that have been agreed upon by a corporation’s board of directors. Many lending institutions require a corporate seal to verify documents. In select kits, we include a corporate seal embosser with a vinyl case, personalized to a client’s chosen Name, State, and Year.
  • Stock Transfer Ledger – This ledger reflects any membership/ownership changes a company may make in the future.

Note: The Custom Corporate Seal Embosser is built to order and follows our Special Order Item Return Policy