Create a DIY Budget Binder

Create a DIY Budget Binder

Posted by Bindertek on Jul 18th 2022

Are you thinking of creating a monthly or yearly budget binder? Budgets are a great way to stay on top of your finances and help many people develop a more positive relationship with money. While it can be daunting at first, by following a few simple tips, you'll have the makings of a great budget in no time! 

What will you need? 

What are some things you should include in your budget binder? 

Track income and expenses. This is probably the most essential part of your budget. When you track the money coming in and out every month, you'll know how much wiggle room you have for the extras! 

List your financial goals. What are you working towards? Maybe you'd like to pay off some debt, save for a new car, or even go on a little vacation?! 

Monthly bill schedule. It helps to know when bills are due and when you can expect to be paid. That way, you can plan accordingly and can avoid surprises. Consider printing out a monthly calendar to keep within your binder. 

A place for receipts. If you have any big purchases throughout the year, having a folder or envelope for those receipts can be very handy. 

Monitor your subscriptions. It seems like every service has a subscription plan these days. It can be easy to lose track over time. Keep a list of your subscriptions to see which ones you may not use anymore. 

Hopefully, this is a helpful list to get you started! With any budget, you'll want to review it periodically and update it as things change over the months and years. Happy budgeting!