Custom Organization with Custom Index Tabs

Posted by Bindertek on Nov 10th 2017

Are you struggling to make off-the-shelf index tabs fit your paperwork? Consider looking to custom index tab sets instead. Organize your binder the way your business and brain work for a more efficient workday and a more streamlined filing system. Bindertek offers two custom index tab options depending upon the level of customization you require. Read on to learn more and decide which option is right for your workplace.

Create Your Own Index Tab Titles for Instant Gratification

When you need custom tabs fast, look no further than our Create Your Own Index Tab Titles. Starting at a minimum order of five sets, you can choose from several pre-selected options for number of tabs and multicolor vs white. From there, you’ll enter your one-of-a-kind tab titles to craft the perfect binder organization system for your business.

Choose Create Your Own Tabs when:

  • You only need a small number of tab sets.
  • You require fast turnaround for your tab sets.
  • Your tab sets aren’t highly specialized or complicated.
  • You are happy with US letter size tabs.

For example, an attorney ordered a set of 5 Multicolor tabs with tab titles reading:

  1. Case Plan
  2. Notes
  3. Pleadings
  4. Evidence
  5. Exhibits

A teacher ordered a set of 5 White tabs with tab titles reading:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Assignments
  3. Materials
  4. Notes
  5. Completed

Custom Index Tabs for a Truly Bespoke Option

Dream up your perfect index tab set with completely custom index tabs. With the assistance of Bindertek’s Customer Service representatives, you can special order an index tab set to meet your specifications. Choose the number of tabs, colors, tab titles, paper size, hole punch orientation, and anybody copy. If you need industry-specific tabs, have specialized paperwork, or any need outside of one-size-fits-all tabs, you can still keep your binders fully organized with the addition of your custom index tab sets.

Choose Custom Index Tabs when:

  • You require 50 or more sets.
  • You don’t mind waiting a little longer for the right tab set.
  • You have specialized filing needs that regular tabs can’t handle.
  • You need legal size index tabs or a unique hole punch configuration.

For example, a hospital ordered a set of 8 Multicolor tabs, color-coded to their specifications, reading:

  1. Admission Sheets
  2. Consent Forms
  3. Coding & Charge Sheets
  4. Nursing Documents
  5. Pre/Post-Op Orders
  6. History & Physical
  7. Lab Results
  8. Old Charts/Miscellaneous

An attorney ordered a set of 6 White tabs reading:

  1. Trust Assets
  2. Pour-Over Will
  3. Living Will
  4. Power of Attorney’s
  5. Essential Documents
  6. Transfer Forms

Stop struggling with generic index tabs and stop wasting time writing your tab titles out by hand. With professionally printed custom index tab sets, you’ll organize your binder better and institute a unique filing system that your business can use for years to come.