Find Your Perfect Bisley Cabinet

Find Your Perfect Bisley Cabinet

Posted by Bindertek on Aug 23rd 2022

Whether you want extra storage on top of your desk or neatly tucked under, Bisley cabinets are the ideal solution for your storage needs. Reliably sturdy, Bisley cabinets are made from fully welded steel and sport a powder-coated finish for added durability and style. Available in a wide array of fun colors to add that extra pop to any space! Find your perfect Bisley Cabinet today. 

Bisley Cabinets

Bisley 5-Drawer Desktop Multidrawer Steel Cabinet might be for you if you want some stylish desktop storage. Decorate your desk while adding function with five drawers to keep all your daily necessities within reach. 

The Under-Desk Multidrawer Steel Cabinets might be for you if you want a versatile storage solution that fits neatly under your desk. When you pick the 6-drawer cabinet, you'll have taller drawers that can hold bulkier items. The 2 + 3 + 3 style of an 8-drawer provides three drawer heights for maximum versatility. Or perhaps you'll pick a 10-drawer and have the highest quantity of drawers that are perfect for storing paper, supplies, folders, or even notebooks!

If you want a space for hanging file folders, a Bisley 2-Drawer Steel Home File Cabinet might be for you. The two roomy drawers hold 8.5" x 11" U.S. letter size hanging folders. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your files are safe behind lock and key.

Bisley Cabinets

Do you work in a shared workspace? Then a Bisley Locker Cube might be for you. Communal areas can be tricky to navigate. With this lockable storage unit, you can safely put away your work until the next time you're in the office. Ideal for break rooms, public spaces, shared spaces, home offices, and more!

Bisley 3-Drawer Steel Home File Cabinet might be for you if you want the best of both worlds! Store office essentials in the top two drawers and utilize the bottom for hanging file folders. You can even turn your beloved cabinet into a desk - take a look at the Bisley+ Desk.

Are legal-sized files your jam? Then a Bisley Premium File Cabinet might be for you. Store letter, A4, or even legal-sized documents in the bottom file drawer. Sometimes you just need a little more space for those larger documents.

A Bisley isn't just about storage — it's about adding a personal touch to your space. So, pick the Bisley Cabinet that's perfect for you!