How to Make a Welcome Binder

How to Make a Welcome Binder

Posted by Bindertek on Oct 22nd 2021

First of all, what is a welcome binder? If you've ever booked an Airbnb, you might have been pleasantly greeted by one. A welcome binder has all the information you may need during your stay at a rental property. If you find yourself renting out your property, you may want to put one together for your guests.

The goal of a welcome binder is to make your guests' stay as comfortable as possible. By filling your binder with thoughtful information, and local attractions, you alleviate any concerns or questions they could have! Pretend it's your first time staying in your property and the surrounding area. What would you want to know?

Items to Include:

  1. Welcome letter. Keep it short and sweet.
  2. Rules for the house. Mention off-limit areas, location of keys, and any tips, such as "how to operate the coffee maker."
  3. Emergency numbers. Local police, fire, and hospital. Include the nearest vet as well, in case they've brought their furry family members.
  4. WiFi password. Think about creating a guest network.
  5. Take out menus. These fit best in a couple of sheet protectors.
  6. Restaurants. List some of your favorites and try to give a variety.
  7. Nearby attractions. Point out museums, hiking trails, and local shops.
  8. Check-out procedure. Note where guests can put dirty towels and sheets. Tell them how to lock up when they leave. Ask them to turn off all appliances and lights.
  9. Guestbook section. It's nice to end the welcome binder with an area for comments/reviews. That way, you'll have a history to look back on!

Try creating sections with index tabs to keep everything in order and easy to find. Place the welcome letter on top, and you’ve got the perfect binder to share with your guests.

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Once your binder is complete, set it up in a prominent area. You can even accompany it with some snacks and bottled water.

Happy renting!