How to Use a 2-Ring Binder

How to Use a 2-Ring Binder

Posted by Bindertek on Sep 19th 2022

Have you ever used a 2-Ring Binder? If not, what's stopping you? There are many benefits to a 2-Ring Binder, especially with all the added Bindertek features; they have an innovative design that lets you work more efficiently!

  1. Table of Contents: Every Advantage Classic 2-Ring Binder comes with a Table of Contents on the inside front cover. The best part about this feature is that you can always see it, no matter which side of the rings the pages are on! 
  2. Slotted Front Cover: Stand your binder up effortlessly in a neat, closed position by pushing the rings through the front cover openings. This feature is only available with our 2-ring binder.
  3. Compressor Bar: Provide even more stability to your binder when it's not in use by clamping down the compressor bar to secure your pages in place. 
  4. Flip with Ease: Quickly leaf through your files from the top or bottom without turning a page - you can instantly see a third of the page! 
  5. Reinforced Edge: The steel-lined edge of the binder increases the lifetime use by limiting wear and tear on the binder board. 
  6. Finger Grip Hole: When you have a rather packed bookshelf, quickly grab your binder by gripping the finger hole to pull it off the shelf.
  7. Lever Arch Mechanism: Placing or removing your documents with just two rings becomes a much easier task with the light-touch lever-arch mechanism. No pinching involved, just smooth opening and closing every time.

We're big fans of our 2-ring binders, and so are our customers! "They work very well, and the 2-hole arrangement is better and easier to use than the standard 3-hole loose-leaf binder." - A.C. 

Will you consider trying a  2-ring binder? We bet you'll love it too!