What Makes a Bindertek Binder the Best?

What Makes a Bindertek Binder the Best?

Posted by Bindertek on Jul 22nd 2021

When you get a binder from Bindertek, you’re not just getting any old binder. You’re getting a binder that has been refined to offer you the very best of everything a binder can offer.

Our Bindertek exclusive One-Touch Classic 3-Ring Binders and Advantage Classic 2-Ring Binders provide many excellent features:

Bindertek Binders

  • They are crafted with thick hardbound boards that feature a sophisticated linen-textured exterior making them stand out amongst other everyday binders. Choose from eleven professional and uniquely different color options.
  • The reinforced bottom edge increases each binder's shelf life — making reusing your favorite binders a breeze.
  • Each binder comes with a sturdy, long-lasting spine pocket. Personalize your binders whenever you want by easily swapping out the label.
  • The reinforced finger grip hole makes taking your binder off the shelf that much easier when wedged between other binders. You can also further differentiate your binders with some fun and colorful Binder Spine Finger Grips.
  • Our Advantage Classic 2-Ring Binders come with slotted covers to help keep your binder in the closed position by securing the rings in place.

Bindertek Binders

  • A customizable table of contents is included on the inside front cover. While flipping through your binders documents, you will always be able to see the table of contents on the left-hand side — making it accessible at every turn.
  • Let's not forget...both the 2-ring lever-arch mechanism and the 3-ring one-touch mechanism open more smoothly than any other standard binder, ensuring effort-free use every day. Plus, the ball & socket closure provide snag-free page-turning.

Why settle for average when you can have the best on your shelf? See for yourself.