How to Stay on Task with Visual Reminders

Posted by Bindertek on Nov 15th 2021

How do you keep track of your day-to-day tasks? Do you rely on email notifications? Task reminders on your phone? A notebook filled with obscure scribbles? Or perhaps a desk full of loose paper notes?

It's easy for tasks to be forgotten or lost in all of the clutter. Have you tried a more prominent visual reminder? When your daily or weekly objectives are front and center, it's easier to stay on task. With a  Sigel Contemporary Magnetic Glass Board, you can do just that.

Customer Review: Beautiful Functional Office Product

"When I saw the board online it looked beautiful. Imagine my delight when I opened it and it was even more beautiful. It is now one of my favorite decorative functional work products. The board makes me want to be more creative. Buy one, two, three and tell all of your friends."

Sigel Contemporary Magnetic Glass Boards truly are a piece of functional artwork for your office. Stay inspired and on task throughout the day with your eye catching board. You can even place more than one board next to each other to create a larger working area.

Made from polished tempered glass, these boards meet the highest standards of safety and quality. They are also free-floating, so you will never see any frames or clips, adding to the aesthetic appeal! Pair your board with some additional Sigel  accessories and you'll be prepared to capture big ideas the moment they happen.

Discard your scribbled notes and loose papers, and make the switch to a  Sigel Contemporary Magnetic Glass Board today! Which design will you choose?