Archival Binders: Store Your Documents Safely

Archival Binders: Store Your Documents Safely

Posted by Bindertek on Sep 22nd 2021

Should you archive your documents? In short, yes! Whether for business or personal reasons, taking the time to archive your files can be immensely beneficial.

If you're the type that holds on to every business document because you may need to reference it in the future, it's easy to become overwhelmed. By properly archiving your loose pages, you can protect old files while making space for new ones.

When archiving personal documents, you have the opportunity to turn your memories into keepsakes. An archival binder allows you to physically hand down family history to the next generation while making an excellent gift.

How to Archive Your Files:

  • Start with a clean, well-lit space to organize all of your files.
  • Create an organizational system that you can easily reference in years to come.
  • Choose your storage medium and supplies.
  • Handle each document with care as you place it within your binder.
  • Store in a cool, dry place when done. Or display proudly on a shelf.

Archival Options & Supplies:

Heavy-Duty Round 3-Ring Archival BindersPlastic Archival 3-Ring Binder Box, 2" Spine

Heavy-Duty Archival Binders: Ideal for long-term file storage, this heavy-duty binder features sturdy, thick hardboard covers, metal piano hinges, and a metal-reinforced spine. This high-capacity binder is perfect for safekeeping frequently referenced documents and catalogs.

Archival Binder Box: This Plastic Archival 3-Ring Binder Box is a fully enclosed lightproof archival box made from high-quality polypropylene to prevent documents from fading. Use this Archival Binder Box to store your photography slides, negatives, print pages, genealogical records, and other collections that need to stay clean and last.

Binder SlipcasesArchive Combo Kit for 3-Ring BindersDatum Stak-N-Lok Locking Storage Starter Shelf

Slipcase: Preserve the contents of your binder with a Bindertek Slipcase. A slipcase can help protect your contents from dust, sunlight, and moisture. It also looks pretty darn good on a shelf.

Transfer Clips and Storage Boxes: Easily store the contents of 25 binders with our economical Archive Combo Kit. This handy system allows your contents to be safely stored, freeing up your binders for continued use.

Datum Stak-N-Lok Locking Storage: With Stak-N-Lok, you can be sure that all of your files are protected. An excellent place to store your archived materials. Rest easy knowing that the convenient gang locking feature enables one key to lock all doors simultaneously.

Your future self will thank you when you put in the time and effort to ensure your files are protected! Which archival method will you choose?